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Kelly Morris

Kelly has spent his life preparing for his role as a financial advisor and analyst.  After having spent his formative years in Winnipeg involved in anything and everything, he graduated from College Louis Riel, in 1991, and began his journey of discovering the world.  He has lived in various places, travelled a great deal and continues to seek out the globe for adventure, new discoveries and the unknown. 

What Kelly believes has been the greatest benefit of all his travel and experience; is risk management.  We all struggle in our daily lives to balance what is needed now and what is needed in the future.  Understanding how fear affects us in our daily lives and its effect on our future is what Kelly has come to believe is one of today’s greatest predicaments and significant opportunities.

Travelling also give you real time insight on how economies are doing and what people are up to.  We all know that Google can teach us a great deal, but it is those that seek out more who gain the competitive edge.  The lessons he learns from people and places around the world are invaluable. 

Kelly has been evolving at The Morris Financial Group since 2003.  Currently his primary focus is on the investments of our clients.  Kelly continues the tradition set by his dad of a culture that believes in improving.  He remains committed to improving his knowledge and expertise.  He is innovative in making decisions for clients in a marketplace that only has winners and losers on his journey to becoming a fully licensed Portfolio Manager.

Jack Morris

Jack has proven the age old belief that former teachers make the best advisors, time and time again, since 1981.  Teachers are trained to learn and explain their new found knowledge.  Jack has made it his mission to continue to learn and develop, and then share his knowledge with his treasured clients!  Throughout his career, the knowledge and expertise he has gained, has never stopped his desire to grow and improve.  One exceptional note is achieving his Portfolio Manager License at the age of 59!   

Jack is a passionate Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager.  His nurturing approach to his clients is what drives him to continue to evolve in our industry, even today.  He’s taken these skill sets to the broader community having supported various Winnipeg organizations throughout his career.  Jack also believes that a healthy mind should be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.  He’s an avid fan of the gym and has travelled the world on two wheels, four wheels, sailed many a seas and loves flying the friendly skies! 

He’s very proud to see his son taking over in his footsteps.  There’s no doubt some obvious differences exist, such as Kelly will never be able to take away his pen and paper, or get Jack to let go of his prized office desk, but those differences are trivial compared to the development his son has made since joining the firm. He is also very proud of the whole team at the Morris Financial Group, who share his passion for the future! 

Kara Slobodian

Kara joined us at the end of 2016 and definitely hit the ground running.  Kara has significant experience in the financial industry, having worked with major banks and brokerages.  She is very excited to bring that experience to our group and help our clients achieve their financial goals.   

Kara values the flexible work environment at The Morris Financial Group.  Kara is very engaged with her young family and her ability to grow within the Morris Financial Group fits perfectly.  She will be responsible for ensuring that our clients have everything they need; as well as supporting the team here at The Morris Financial Group.   You will really enjoy her calm and nurturing approach, as well as her ever growing financial acumen. 

Our Partners

Jack Morris is a licensed Portfolio Manager, under the Croft Financial Group.

The Croft Financial Group is a Discretionary Portfolio Management and Investment Fund Management company serving investors and investment professionals through direct and referral-based relationships, customized to the objectives of each. Through Croft, we created our own proprietary pool; The MFG total Return Pool,  in which your assets are invested. 


Committed to independent firms for more than 25 years, National Bank Independent Network is one of Canada’s leading providers of custodial, trading, clearing, settlement and record keeping services to independent registered portfolio managers, introducing brokers and investment fund managers.   National Bank Independent Network proudly serves over 400 firms from coast to coast and is backed by the strength of National Bank of Canada (NBC).

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